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About Us
Found in 2006, is the largest professional association for social workers in the world. Our primary aim is to promote the best possible job for all people who may need them.

Work Directory is designed to allow you to search for a worker specialising in different expertise areas or narrow down your results by region. updated all useful information about work, changing careers, job, recruitment & staffing, outsourcing, career services, outplacement.

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Facts about Work

- 70% all jobs require education or technical training beyond high school.

- Manufacturing jobs will require different skill sets, while an equal number of service jobs will be obsolete.

- Most new job opportunities come from small companies with fewer than 100 employees, yet small companies are the least able to provide on-the-job training.

- Workers will change jobs six to seven times during their normal working lives.

- Many technical and office occupations now require a post-secondary degree as more employers prefer to hire trained personnel rather than provide training.

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