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Accurate Background Check
The success of your company depends on your workforce. It pays to find the right people the first time. Conducting background checks is one of the most important steps in the hiring process.
Benefits Consulting
BTA provides guidance on executive compensation in nonprofit organizations by providing competitive compensation analyses to protect executives from IRS intermediate sanctions. BTA also provides employee benefits consulting and compensation consulting.
Offers three levels of service depending upon the amount of information being researched.
Compensation Survey
Salary survey and cost of living comparison data for executive compensation and HR Human Resources planning
The Confidence Center works with companies that want to improve employee morale, and build employee confidence. Take our Free Employee Morale Assessmant.
National background check company provides tenant screening, employment screening services, and criminal record search. Online quotes available.
They are located 1/2 block from the Office of Court Administration (OCA) in NYC and offer the fastest turnarounds available for criminal record checks in new york state.
Employment Investigative Services Inc
Exodus Integrity Services, Inc. EIS is a technical contract consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.
Employment Research Services
HirePOWER - A hiring management tool used for employment background screening, and behavior testing.
Reference checking services.
The Worlds favourite site for travelling to and working in America - Free USA immigration guides, H1b Visa Jobs.
Human Resource Advantage
Human Resource Advantage Pre Employment Screening Services.
Human Resources Education
Human resources distance learning online education for Human Resource Management training and development distance education.
Info Search Solutions
Info Search Solutions provides complete background checks and services such as Notary Public, BCI FBI Fingerprinting, BMV Reports, Credit Reports.
Job Analysis
PAQ Services offers job analysis questionnaires, job analysis software, job analysis consulting, and job analysis training for human resources management.
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